The ultra high-speed process for 3D model

GeoForm creates 3D model (TIN ¹) automatically at ultra high speed from point clouds (x, y, z).

The supported data type is SIMA, DXF, TXT and digital map, etc, and it can also support numerous point clouds.
GeoForm prepares the process of filter for the thinning point out from numerous point clouds which 3d laser gets, and can edit these points.

GeoForm can edit TIN easily and fix a TIN automatically on the diversified land link a mountain ridge and valley.
The user is able to do the process more efficiently with multimonitor.
GeoForm has analysis tools and bird's eye-view as standard.

Easy process

The user is able to edit TIN easily by using multimonitor, wireframe modeling and bird's-eye view.
These edits makes a data more smooth and make possible to calculate contour line, volume more correct.
And various setting (light source, text flag, angle, rotation, etc) make the presentation more efficient.
The user is able to distribute the data with our viewer to the customer.

Rich expression

The image file (TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPG) and DXF data can be put on TIN as background image.
By using the plane image and an aerial photograph as background, the user is able to check wrong point quickly, and express more efficient.

GeoForm prepares interpolation tools, and create points (x, y, z) automatically any interval from background image by tracking raster-data.
The user is able to create correct 3D model with minimum data by specific tracking each lines.

Rich expression on TIN

It is possible to calculate spline contour any interval and range on TIN, which is created by GeoForm
The user is able to check contour in real time during editing TIN.
The created contour image is able to be printed and exported as DXF data (2D, 3D).

Various analysis on TIN

It is possible to display cross-section, create slope map, search flat point, water-running and water-dividing on TIN.
And also it is possible to calculate cubage, surface area and level area and export the result as text file.

 *¹ A triangulated irregular network (TIN) is a digital data structure used in a geographic information system (GIS) for the representation of a surface.

 *² A few image are from Japanese version.

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