Designing 3D geographical model

LandForms® consists of various type of programs which include GeoForm »  see GeoForm

The designing of geographical model needs three-dimensions.(X,Y,Z)
LandForms® get three-dimensions coordinate with tracking automatically a raster-data on the plane surveying image and including txt, csv, 3D-DXF etc.

The tracking raster-date of LandForms® is premised on creating surface. It is tracking automatically only a design curve contour line and creating three-dimension point of any interval at the part of constant slope.

The designer can decrease many more points than old technique process.

Easy designing

Cross-section design
It is possible the real-time checking the route figure (3D) in the other window during designing.
The user can check the detail of the designed route with any zoom, angle and viewpoint.
( It is possible to composite with raster-data in 3D model. )

It is possible to calculate present longitudinal and cross section data immediately by inputting liner data on TIN ¹, which is created by GeoForm. ( This program is included in LandForms® package. )

LandForms® calculates automatically intersection points of the design line and the TIN surface when input the cross-section design, the route line, the earthwork line, and packaged slope line on cross-section data.


LandForms® has various type of analysis tools.
These analysis tools are water-running, slope distribution, cross-section of any position, calculation of area, cubage, etc.
These calculations is also efficient for the variation of cliff failure, avalanche of rocks.
And the user gets easily hold of the calculation results visually and quickly by viewer tools.

It is possible to calculate the altitude by any size of quadrangle and triangle.
Thus, it is possible to reduce more points, calculate and analyse more smoothly with according to the terrain features.

Various calculation of volume

LandForms® has various type of volume-calculation tools.
For example, there are wire-frame view with combining the present and the designed terrain features, and combining the calculation results and the 3D-model when it calculates a volume.

And these calculation by using closed contour are not only efficient for pondage, cubage of bank sand but also efficient for comparing volume year-on-year.

Equipment for laser surveying

Over the past few years a number of 3D Scanner / measurement / tracking devices and techniques have been developed.
These scanners can get numerous point clouds in a short period of time.

LandForms® reduces efficiently unnecessary point like a tree, rock and creates correct 3D-model via uniformizing 3D point clouds.

Reducing noise.
A reduced point turns to red.

Using lowpass filter.
It makes scan line more smooth.

Rich expression

LandForms® has various presentation tools.
It is able to simulate on the designed route, the terrain features and can use X file  (Microsoft DirectX file) for simulation.
Also it is able to record these simulations. The user can use efficiently it for a presentation.

 *¹ A triangulated irregular network (TIN) is a digital data structure used in a geographic information system (GIS) for the representation of a surface.

 *² A few image are from Japanese version.

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