There are many opportunities of using 3D laser scanner.
LandForms ® reduces useless point such as a tree from these point cloud efficiently, creates corrent 3D topography in a matter of minutes. There are some sample how use our products with scan data.

The processing laser scanner data of quarry

Analysing topography at Rapid slope like Falling area
(The Measurement at difficult place to go in)

 Falling Area is displayed by using different colors.

 The scan data from Falling Area.
 The TIN is created from from Falling Area.

* A triangulated irregular network (TIN) is a digital data structure used in a geographic information system (GIS) for the representation of a surface.

With Orth-photo

 The scan data by Aerial laser measurement.

 The scan data is combined with Ortho-photo.

 These point gets the color from Ortho-photo.
It is possible to work more smoothly by not using Ortho-photo.

 It is possible to get cross-section from only point data.

 It is possible to calculate pondage, volume, surface and level area.   Various tools help these calculation.

 The scan data is able to be displayed with various expression.